About HomeworkBD

HomeworkBD is an educational website for the school, college and university level students of urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. Teachers can regularly provide homework to his/her students using this site. Students have the capability of logging in and submitting homework for any specific subject whenever they want, at any hour of any day. Teachers don’t feed students the answers to homework questions. Instead, they show them how to learn. Our tutors believe that proper homework makes a student perfect.

Our students can learn by watching videos of different subjects of various classes of renowned teachers. All the video classes are designed following the curriculum of different classes. There is an opportunity to learn computer courses for the poor and underprivileged students and through this website we have shown them some links of internationally renowned institutions to participate in online computer courses free of cost. We have some other education related features in this website for our students.

We are going to start a Marketplace option for the needy and helpless students within a very short time so that they can earn money performing the online freelancing jobs with the buyers. We hope that the students will be able to gain knowledge as well as earning facilities using this website while staying at home in this critical moment of COVID-19.